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Performances & Competitions

Performances for all ages!

Even the youngest in the school get the chance to perform in our regular children's shows.    As the school is very large we split our shows so that they are shorter and all get a chance to perform within our own theatre. One year we hold Fishponds Branch shows  and these are divided into Middle School and Junior School and the next year we hold branch shows where all the smaller branches come into the main studios and Dance Station and put on their own shows in our Theatre. 

Our Long Ashton Branch has its own show as it is a large branch which is held at Backwell School Theatre.


Our Adult classes and senior students get to perform regularly every January.  This is a highlight in their social calendar too!

Performances for all genres

It doesn't matter which style of dance you are learning, everyone has the chance to perform if they want too.   Performing is a great opportunity to build confidence and the ideal opportunity for family and friends to see how  you are getting on and to share your love and enjoyment of dance.



There are opportunities to take part in competitions too from our own annual Choreography Competition, to Dance Eisteddfods and Irish Feis.

You can develop your skill until your are competing at the highest levels in All England Dance, top ISTD competitions such as the Imperial Ballet Awards, Janet Cram and Star Tap, or Irish Dance World Championships. 

Performances - A chance to meet and socialise with other classes too!

January show time is a great social event for all the adult classes where they meet everyone else, dance together, eat and drink together at after show meals.   The senior students in the school meet the adult school and see what there is on offer for them should they wish to come out of their formal graded classes and just continue to dance for fun, fitness, and fulfilment.   Junior and middle school students also get a chance to see what they can aspire to.


Charity Shows, Cabaret Evenings, Tapathon, Displays at other venues are all part of our yearly events and give many opportunities for students of all ages to get involved.

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